Apartment-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your living area provides an opportunity to express your personality and create a space that feels like home. If you’re living in an apartment home, you may be on the search for creative ways to transform the space to suit your taste while adhering to leasing guidelines. Here, we share apartment-friendly home décor ideas to help you achieve your design goals.

Removable Wallpaper

Although painting is prohibited in most apartments, that doesn’t mean that your walls have to be boring. Removable wallpaper is becoming a trend that’s apartment-friendly and is infinitely customizable. From popular prints and colors to design-your-own options, you’re sure to find a solution to brighten up your walls.

Gallery Wall

When you need to add some personalization to your home, a gallery wall is a great opportunity to create a special space. You can add framed photos of loved ones, favorite quotes, or graphic art to enliven your bedroom, home office, or another focal point in the apartment. If you need to avoid using nails to hang your frames, try using adhesive tape.

Leaning Ladder

If you’re in need of a space-saving shelf, a leaning ladder may be just what you’re looking for. Its angle adds dimension to a room without taking up much floor space, and it can be used for displaying a variety of odds and ends. Whether you choose to display books, drape a throw blanket, set up framed photos, or take a mixed-media approach, a leaning ladder is a versatile piece for any home.

Statement Mirror

Looking for a statement piece without the price tag of a work of art? Consider investing in a mirror to draw the eye. In addition to adding drama or creating a focal point, a well-placed mirror can give the illusion of more space--a perk for a studio or one-bedroom apartment home!

Unexpected Color

When you’re hoping to incorporate a pop of color to your living space, try adding color in unexpected places. A brightly-colored sofa or side table will capture the attention of all who enter your home. To liven up the patio, you could add some flair to your potted plants by spray painting the containers in fun colors or metallics.

Decorating your space is an exciting step in making an apartment feel like home. When you’re on the search for a beautiful blank canvas, consider our community in Longmont, Colorado. We offer an excellent selection of floor plans, including one, two, and three-bedroom options. Our pet-friendly community is also home to a heated pool and fitness center, among other must-have amenities. When you’re ready to learn more about becoming a resident, please contact our leasing team. 

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